"Dystocia in Luna’s second gestation"


"Dystocia in Luna’s second gestation"

"Dystocia in Luna’s second gestation"

Luna is 3 years female Pomeranian dog. She was taken to iVET animal hospital at night because she cannot give birth naturally. She had a difficult birthing experience before. So, the owner hurry taking her to the animal hospital in the night.

Veterinarian examination found that the dog still alert and response, normal mucous membrane color, normal lung sound and heart sound and normal rectal temperature. When veterinarian was examining, the dog had abdominal contractions but without passage of any puppies. Then veterinarian gave her medical management (IV fluid, glucose, calcium and drug) but she still cannot labor just found dark green discharge from her vulva. The veterinarian determined to cesarean section because of the dos has a failure to deliver the fetus.

After surgery the dog looks so exhausted then veterinarian lets her stay at the hospital 1 night before the owner bring her and puppies back home. Veterinary gives newborn puppies with milk replacement and stimulate urination and defecation every 2 hours.


The veterinarian’s diagnosis of dystocia is based on taking an accurate history, including reproductive history, ovulation timing and breeding dates, and performing a careful physical examination including abdominal ultrasound and x-rays can be very helpful in assessing fetal viability, litter size and fetal position. The x-ray can be performed at 45 days of gestation. It can estimate about the day that dog or cat will deliver fetus. Dystocia should be considered in any of the following situations: strong abdominal contractions without passage of a puppy or kitten, abnormal vulvar discharge such as frank blood, dark green discharge before any neonates are born. You should take your dog or cat to see the veterinarian immediately.


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