How to treat snake bite on your dog?


How to treat snake bite on your dog?

How to treat snake bite on your dog?

Pik is 7 years old - crossbreed female dog. The owner told Pik and others dog had fighting with snake yesterday. After that everything was ok but just only Pik has been unconsciousness but still breathing. Then, the owner hurry to take her to iVET animal hospital.

Veterinarian’s physical examination found Pik got unconsciousness and abnormal blood pressure, heart rate and heavy panting. Her pupil has slowly response to the light testing (papillary light reflex). Furthermore, Veterinarian found swollen and snake bite wound on her jaw.

Veterinarian treats her with supplementary oxygen, intravenous fluid, antihistamines, antivenom and clean the wound for decreasing venom and giving additional medicines such as pain killer, anti-inflammation and antibiotics for avoiding secondary infection. Pik was gotten to ensure adequate monitoring and treatment along 24 hours after that she can response by opening her eyes, swallowing reflex, head lifting and sternal recumbency. Then, 2 days later she almost be 100% recovery and her blood result show high liver function level because of her body clearance of poison

In this case, she is so lucky that the owner took her to see veterinarian at iVET animal hospital. This condition is very dangerous because it cans effect to neuro system and becomes paralysis. Dog will get respiratory failure but the severity is depended on volume of venom and how healthy of dog’s status is. Pik may be die if she got more venom.

Dog should be in the safe place from poisonous animals especially in the night, the owner cannot see anything at all so, that can be risk of snake bite. If your dog got snake bite, you should hurry taking him/her to the animal hospital. First aid tip of snake bite on your dog is cleaning the wound with normal saline water for removing venom as much as you can and after that you should take your dog to animal hospital immediately. Do not forget to tell veterinarian what kind of snake that bite your dog. If you do not know it should take some pictures to show veterinarian because each kind of snake has different kind of venom. It is useful for veterinarian to determine which antivenom that the dog should treat.


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