Why is the dog bleeding from vagina? The danger of ticks on dog


Why is the dog bleeding from vagina? The danger of ticks on dog

“Why is the dog bleeding from vagina? The danger of ticks on dog”

Loma is 1-year female American Pitbull dog. The owner took her to iVET animal hospital because she got sick, depress, low appetite and vaginal bleeding. Veterinarian found that she has a lot of ticks and the owner never treat her tick prevention.

Veterinarian obtains more information by physical examination and found that she depresses but still response, abdominal cramp, vaginal bleeding, dehydration and red patch on abdominal area. Then, veterinarian collects her blood for checking blood work and ultrasound. The results show fetal sac in her uterine but there is not any movement, low platelet level and positive result of blood parasite. She got early-term abortion from blood parasite infection.

Veterinarian determines that she has to stay at the hospital and treat her with intravenous fluid and some medicines for stop bleeding and pain killer. Especially, she needs to get blood transfusion because of low platelet level from blood parasite infection and surgery to remove fetal deaths. After that she gets better and better until her blood work is normal after 2 weeks but she has to continue taking the medicines for treating blood parasite infection.

More information

More information Blood parasite, a disease caused by protozoal organisms that are spread from dog to dog by ticks through tick biting. Level of severity is also depended on immunology of each dog. The symptoms of this disease are lack of energy and appetite, pale gums, fever, bleeding nose and red pin point skin. Some severely ill patients may have liver, kidney and heart failure. The way to get rid of this disease from dog is remove tick from tick habitat, prevention is the best course of action. Check your dog daily for the presence of ticks and remove them promptly.

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