Rehabilitation Center


Rehabilitation Center

If the Advanced Surgery Center is responsible for healing the damaged system back to its normal condition, then the Rehabilitation Center’s responsibility is to help recover the physical injury as soon as possible in order to help your pets back to their regular movements.

People may think that rehabilitation is only an exercise plan for body recovery after surgery. In fact, rehabilitation can actually reduce the risk of some diseases as well as increase muscle strength so it can definitely be counted as one of the disease preventions.

The Rehabilitation Center of iVET Pet Wellness Center is ready to provide a 24-hour treatment to all the pets with advanced technology medical devices, veterinary therapist, as well as veterinarians from other centers of iVET Pet Wellness Center in order to let your pets go back home with good health in all aspects.

Introducing a talented vet in Rehabilitation Center
Dr. Sivaporn Limpaninlachat (Dr.Dear)
Bachelor Degree B.Sc., Master Degree M.Sc., Doctoral Degree Ph.D. (Physical Therapy) Mahidol University
Experienced in Physical therapy rehabilitation, Water treadmill, Ultrasound, and Lasers

For the owners that interested to take your pets for rehabilitation after surgery or take exercise courses to reduce the risk of some diseases, feel free to contact us for more information of rehabilitation and any symptom of diseases with our veterinarians. #PetAdvisor from #iVETPetWellnessCenter for 24/7 on the following channels:
PM on Facebook: โรงพยาบาลสัตว์ไอเว็ท - iVET hospital
Line: @ivethospital >>
Hotline: 085-244-7899

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