5 Most misunderstanding about rabies •


5 Most misunderstanding about rabies •

Rabies or Hydrophobia is the contagious disease that cause from a virus. When a person has this disease, their nerve will become neurotic, especially the central area of the nervous system.

In the first stage, the symptom is a fever, exhausted, itchy around the wound. Next, they will become restless, hard to swallow, sore throat, and they may have seizure, paralyze, or even death due to the brain damage. Currently, there is no cure for rabies.

Rabies is a very epidemic in Thailand, mostly due to the misunderstanding of Thai people about rabies. Therefore, most of the Thai people are not aware of how to protect themselves from the disease. Today, page iVET Hospital will clarify 5 most misunderstanding about rabies; so that Thai people avoid this disease.

1. Only come from dogs
Not true! Even though the name Rabies does imply to dogs but this disease may come from all mammals such as cats, rats, monkeys, rabbits, or even from humans. This is a very dangerous disease.
2. Only infected when bitten
Wrong! Yes, we see that most of the time, people are infected when they are bitten. However, the virus is in the animal’s saliva and if the virus can get through the skin in whatever way, then you have a chance to become infected. Therefore, if you are scratched, licked around the fresh wound, get the saliva in the eyes, nose, or mouth, then you have a high risk of becoming infected.
3. The outbreak of rabies are often happen in summer
Not always. Actually, rabies does not scourge only in the summer because this virus can grow in the winter as well. Therefore, we should give a vaccine to our pets as required.
4. You will definitely die if you are bitten!
This is the most misunderstanding about rabies. Most people believe that if you are bitten and you do not have the vaccine prior to the bitten, you will die. Actually, if you are in doubt of becoming infected or bitten, you should receive a vaccine asap (within 24 hours)

Because vaccine will be most effective if you are injected immediately after you received the disease. However, if you wait until the symptom shows, that means the disease already destroyed your nervous system and the vaccine cannot help.

In conclusion, rabies cannot be fully cured but if you receive vaccine immediately after you received the disease, then your body can protect themselves from the disease. However, if you wait until you have the symptom, you will die.

5. Vaccine for rabies is expensive
That’s not true. The vaccine is not expensive at all because the Department of Livestock want to make Thailand a rabies-free country. Therefore, the price for rabies vaccine is reachable.

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