"Bone disease is not difficult to be detected but actually


"Bone disease is not difficult to be detected but actually

"Bone disease is not difficult to be detected but actually difficult to be prevented if the owners do not know the conditions of their pets. However, Neurological problems are very difficult to be detected as we can only tell from the pets’ clinical signs.

Most bone diseases of dogs and cats are often not difficultly detected. The owners usually do not know that their pets are at risk of bone diseases so they did not give a proper care since the beginning. The pets usually show their pain when they are in a relatively serious stage. As a result, the treatment will take longer.

On the other hand, the Neurological problems in dogs and cats are very difficult to be detected because the communication in pets is not as clear as human. The veterinarians can only diagnose from the clinical signs that the pets show.

But no matter how bad it is "Neuro-Orthopedics Center" of iVET Pet Wellness Center will take best care of all your pets to make them happy and, of course, healthier with a continuous care and rehabilitation.

We provide expert veterinarians to give the diagnosis, treatment and advices on health care regarding bone or muscle diseases as well as Neurological problems with modern CT scan and MRI diagnosis.

Along with other veterinary teams, we collaborate in planning for the integrated treatment such as veterinary in physiotherapy, veterinary in acupuncture and the use of nutrition therapy by veterinary who applies nutrition in conjunction with treatment to make the treatment even more effective.


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