Patellar Luxation – Popular condition in S-sized dog that owners must be careful of!


Patellar Luxation – Popular condition in S-sized dog that owners must be careful of!

“Patellar Luxation” is a common orthopedic problem that commonly found in S-sized dogs like Chihuahua, Pomeranian, and Yorkshire Terrier. Most are caused by heredity (relay from parents to children) or impact from walking or running.

Patellar Luxation is a condition in which the kneecap moves out of its normal location. In the first stage, the kneecap can return to its normal position. However, in a later stage, the kneecap will be in the luxated position most of the time, causing the cartilage that protects the bones to decadent which will eventually result in Osteoarthritis.

In fact, Patellar luxation is not hard to detect. The veterinarians can basically detect it from the very first year, but most owners do not know that their dogs are at risk. As a result, they never take their dogs for a check-up to correctly prevent this. The dogs would then be in a relatively heavy stage when they clearly show that they are in pain.

The signs would be a little crack sound when the owner slightly pull or grab the dog’s legs. Dogs with a “bow-legged” stance are also to be affected by patellar luxation. When they show that they are clearly in pain, it is more likely to be Patellar luxation, and better take them to the veterinarians as soon as possible.
The best way is for the owners of all S-sized dogs to take their dogs to check-up for risk of Patellar luxation at an early age. If you come to “iVET Pet Wellness Center,” our veterinarians will take the best care of your dogs to prevent future injuries which will affect the quality of their lives as well as for every single dog to go back home with a smile on their faces.


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