Wheelchair for handicapped animals


Wheelchair for handicapped animals

Wheelchair for handicapped

Sever times that we try our best to help our pets from accident or neurological
disorders, but those conditions are more severe than we can help them to come back  
to walk again. Wheelchair is another option for those pets, but is it really work?

At iVET animal hospital, we have a center for handicapped animals in order to design the assistive wheelchair for those animals by engineer
under advices from veterinarians. Our instruments have been well designed and made from a durable and light medical grade material so that the
animal can be fit and move naturally. At iVET, we have an individual design 4 and 2 wheel wheelchair, prosthetics and tortoiseshell for
handicapped animals. Moreover, some handicapped animals that the owner does not want to perform a surgical treatment. They can also choose
alternative medicine such as physical therapy so as to make the animal recover better.

It is necessary to consult with veterinarian prior to getting the wheelchair for your
pets. If they really need a wheelchair, the owners need to learn how to take care both  
wheelchair and your pets while applying the wheelchair as well.

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