Oral & Dental clinic


Oral & Dental clinic

At iVET Pet Dental Center, it is our mission to educate pet owners about proper oral healthcare for pets and to then offer the professional dental services that are part of this care.  We strive to make each visit positive and productive so that every patient will benefit from having an improved quality of life through the proper diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases.  Patient care will always be the priority at Pet Dental Center and will never be compromised for any reason.

Patient Care:

Our patients are our main priority. We strive to provide a low stress experience to ensure that we can treat and monitor our patients to the best of our ability. We compassionately practice veterinary medicine with a deep interest and sincere care for our patients and the success of our treatment. We take great pride in knowing that we have provided a safe environment both emotionally and physically.


It is a necessity that our employees are educated in their area of expertise. Our goal is to educate our clients on oral health care for their pets. It is extremely important to us that they know the right questions to ask, what to look out for and how to feel confident about home care. As leaders in veterinary dentistry and oral surgery, we choose to take responsibility for helping to educate other veterinarians and technicians so that they have the knowledge and skills required to practice proper care. We will always continue to grow and share gained knowledge in order to help our fellow team members, clients, and other veterinary professionals.


Being a happy and optimistic individual is imperative to the culture of our clinic. It is important we help our clients to experience positive emotions. By doing so, we contribute to setting their minds at ease while building their resourcefulness in ways to help them become more resilient to adversity. Smile! It’s contagious.


We realize that working as a team is the only way to ensure a productive work environment. It is important on many levels to both our staff and clients that we work efficiently to complete each procedure as timely as possible. We try to keep the surgery time to a minimum while still putting the patients’ comfort and care first. The goal is to always strive to be exceptional in quality while doing our best to avoid a waste of resources or effort.


We believe everything functions better with communication. We are extremely thorough in communicating details of the procedure from the time of scheduling, throughout the appointments and including at home care. We take whatever time necessary to answer questions our clients have so that they are as comfortable as possible and feel they have a good understanding of the services we offer. It is important to us that our clients feel prepared to handle any situation they may come across pertaining to our relationship with them. We feel it is essential our clients have a number to reach us at 24 hours/day in the case of an emergency. Giving our clients the feeling of assurance in the decision they have made to come to us is a necessity. We provide that feeling by exhibiting our values.

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