Neuro Orthopedics


Neuro Orthopedics

Welcome to iVET’s Neuro-Orthopedics center, the premiere choice for veterinary neurology, orthopedics, and pain management services in Bangkok, Thailand. Our board-certified specialists see cases from all over the country. All pets – including those with special neurological, orthopedic, and pain management needs – deserve the greatest quality of life that is medically possible. We are committed to treating your pet like our own, with the gentle care your dog or cat deserves.


Our objective is to raise the bar in veterinary neurology, orthopedic, and pain management for your pets by tending to your pet’s needs using advanced diagnostic techniques and sophisticated treatment options, while offering a warm and personalized approach.


Veterinary Neurology and Pain Management Center at iVET Hospital in Bangkok is a specialty veterinary hospital in Thailand dedicated to providing the highest quality care for your pet. You have been referred to iVET because your veterinarian trusts us to provide the specialized care that your pet requires.


We offer you and your veterinarian the experience gained through years of advanced study and training as well as on-going education and training to provide the most advanced treatment options available. We offer immediate access to specialized testing such as MRI, CT, digital radiography, arthroscopy (including needle scoping), bloodwork, and electrodiagnostics.  We offer specialized treatments including orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery (brain surgery and spinal cord surgery), stem cells/prp, and arthroscopic (minimally-invasive) surgeries.  We also offer a full approach to treatments with rehabilitation services on premises including LASER, underwater treadmill and manual therapies.


Diagnosing specific neurological and orthopedic disorders may be challenging. We are here to guide you and your veterinarian in the decision-making process. Our objectives are to obtain a complete health history of the patient, and perform a complete physical and neurological examination. Just this information alone will help us create a solid plan for your pet’s future, whether it be medications, diagnostic tests, surgery, or just rest.


We want you to remain closely involved in the diagnostic and treatment process your pet requires. Our board-certified specialists will work closely with you or your veterinarian in a “team-approach”.

Our Services 

Bone and joint diseases
Hip dysplasia
Vertebral luxation
Intervertebral disc disease
Spinal deformity
Spinal cord infection
Spinal tumor
Spinal injury
Bone fracture and joint luxation
muscular pain
Bone deformity

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