What is inside Biggy’s ear?


What is inside Biggy’s ear?

“What is inside Biggy’s ear?”

Biggy is 2 years male French bulldog. He is sprayed dog and gotten vaccinating and deworming already. The owner takes him to iVET hospital today because the owner found that he has a problem with his ear and he likes scratching all the time but he still has good appetite and alert.

Veterinarian examination found that his ears got inflammation, thickening skin around ear canal, black ear wax and bad odor. Then veterinarian get some ear wax samples for diagnosing by using microscopic and found a lot of yeast. Veterinarian diagnosed that he got yeast infection

Biggy was cleaned his both ears by ear cleaner for removing the debris in the canal and use commercial topical products that contain a combination of antibiotic/antifungal and glucocorticoids drop into his ear canal. Moreover, give him a systemic antibiotic drug and medicine for treatment itching because he got an infectious pinna and put collar on to prevent scratching.

Treatment of otitis externa is necessary to find the causes. All primary and secondary causes and predisposing factors need to be identified, managed, and treated. Veterinarian need to continue follow up the clinical sign especially the animals that have chronic otitis or recurrent because may be there are other causes from systemic problem. Veterinarian must know about their illness history, skin care from the owner and how often of ear cleaning. The method of ear examination such as cytologic evaluation of exudate or cerumen taken from the horizontal ear canal, microbial cultures and antibiotic sensitivity test that appropriate to the cause. The ears should be gently cleaned with an ear cleaner that will remove the debris in the canal. Thick, dry, or waxy material requires a cerumenolytic solution. Effective treatment may require both topical and systemic antimicrobial therapy.

If you have any questions please contact veterinarians at iVET animal hospital.

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