At heart center, iVET animal hospital

At heart center, iVET animal hospital

At heart center, iVET animal hospital, we provide treatment and diagnostic services for heart diseases by well-trained and experienced veterinarians.

Companion animal also can develop a heart disease like in human. The diseases can be both acquired and congenital disease, yet acquired cardiovascular diseases are more common in companion animals. Moreover, we can also classify heart disease into 2 categories which are valvular and myocardial diseases and both of them are fetal disease.
Common symptoms
- Anorexia and weight loss
- Difficulty breathing or exercise intolerance
- ronic coughing
- Lethargy
- Abdominal enlargement
Diagnostic & Treatment: Veterinarian will perform a history taking and recommend the owner to conduct further diagnosis such as blood pressure measurement, X-ray, Electrocardiogram and Color Doppler ultrasound. With those high technology diagnostic instruments, we will know the abnormalities occurred and this helps us to choose suitable treatment modality for the patients.

  • Consultation service: How to take care the patient at home, exercise and nutrition, all of those aspects will be explain by expertise at iVET animal hospital.

Heart diseases can cause concern to owners, but you will not need to be concerned if you let iVET to take care of your love ones

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