Neurology center


Neurology center

            iVET Animal Hospital is pleased to deliver services in related to
neurological disorders occurring to your pets. Our hospital is well
equipped with high technology medical devices such as Digital
imaging x-ray, X- ray Computerized Tomography (CT Scan) and
Magnatic Resonance Imaging (MRI) integrated with alternative
medicine and medical rehabilitation by experienced veterinarians.

Diagnostic service
All clinical information i.e. sensory response, standing and
walking position, mentation, cranial nerves function and other
laboratory tests will be performed in order to receive an accurate
Treatment services
At iVET animal hospital, we provide you both medical and
surgical treatment. In some cases that the animal has already
been handicapped, the treatment approach is not just only to
prevent, but also to support other system of the body such as pain
management and physical therapy. Moreover, veterinarian will
provided the best advices about how to take care your pets so
that they will have a good life quality.


Alternative medicine
At present, alternative medicine is become interest in both
medical and veterinary sciences. Thus, iVET animal hospital also
provided you with veterinary acupuncture clinic operated by
Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist for the owner who wants to
integrate this approach to improve the treatment result for their
pets since a lot of researches indicate that acupuncture can
improve quality of life of patients.


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