Stem Cell Center


Stem Cell Center

Stem cell is a kind of cells that is able to differentiate in to several kind of cells or tissues.

Stem cell has 2 indispensable qualities are:
1. The cells are capable of multiplying, but still maintain the original attribute.
2. The cells is able to generate to be other kind of cells while having a specific stimulant. With medical breakthrough, presently, we can exploit stem cells for treatment purpose, called Regenerative medicine, in order to repair organs and other aging problems. The reparation process may be performed by implanting the stem cells
directly to the affected organ or we can also stimulate surrounding tissues to grow and then repair the affected area nearby.
At present, application of stem cell therapy is conducted in veterinary medicine so as to treat degenerative and aging diseases such as diabetes mellitus, osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease. There are medical researches confirmed that application of
stem cell in treating animal could help then to have a better recovery. Therefore, iVET animal hospital has organized stem cell center in order to promote treatment outcome and make the patients recovery faster. Nevertheless, we also collaborate with other researchers and faculties from leading university in Thailand to develop new strategies in stem cell

therapy for animals.
In order to receive the best treatment outcome from stem cell therapy we need to provide a suitable correlative treatment such as physical therapy and other medical modalities, which iVET can provide all for you.

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